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United Mining & Salvage

Marc Jacobs moved from West Hartford, Connecticut to Montpelier, Vermont in 1978 to run a local bar with his brother. In 1981, the two formed their own small development company, United Mining and Salvage. In 1983 Marc moved to Burlington, and purchased his first property. It has now been over thirty years that he has been in the real estate business. Marc's passion lies in remodeling neglected homes. With the history and character that can be found in Burlington houses, paired with the thriving bustle that Burlington exudes, it has been the perfect destination for a growing real estate investor.    


From the city's perspective, Marc is an exceptional landlord: he keeps his buildings up to code, is on top of maintenances and repairs, and his investments aesthetically improve neighborhood morale. In the eyes of his tenants, Marc is always reliable, he is a block away: if keys have been lost, or a squirrel has made its way into the house. However, in renting from Marc, not only can a great landlord be gained, but an amazing resource. To this day, Marc has helped past tenants compose their own leases, assisted neighbors and colleagues with invesment decisions, and provided renovation recommendations to community members. Marc is full of knowledge, and it always eager to share his experiences and stories.  




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